379 Ways to Sell

Are you interested in selling your car, truck, RV or heavy equipment? Selling these items personally can be a headache. We can eliminate the headaches, frustrations and dangers created by trying to sell yourself. No more countless emails or obsessive phone calls from people who aren’t real serious about buying.

Then 379 PETES is the place to do it. We have over 25 years of experience in selling across industries including: vehicles, RV s and heavy equipment. Our experience built an understanding of market trends and allows us to set a price point that will move your item quickly and at fair market value. We have spent countless time building relationships with American dealers, brokers and buyers – giving you direct access to a potentially stronger market.

Our central location between Edmonton and Calgary not only gives access to over 3 million people within a 90 minute drive, but being located directly on the QE2 exposes our inventory to the 40,000 people that pass by on a daily basis.

In support of our physical exposure, our marketing team has proven “trending” marketing plans to give our inventory the online presence it needs. By utilizing a effective website, Kijiji, Facebook and Instagram we can create a need for what you are selling. We focus our online marketing towards people specifically in the market for what we sell....which can be anything!

Benefits of Selling with 379 PETES

• World wide advertisment platform

• Central Location with exposure to 40,000 people on a daily basis

• Strong American connections to open our inventory to an entirely new (potentially stronger) market place

• 25+ years of experience selling (EVERYTHING)

• AMVIC Licensed Business

• Strong Online Presence to support physical location

• Hassle Free Selling Experience

• Receive Fair Market Value for your item

So take the hassle out of selling your vehicle or heavy equipment. Let the experts at 379 PETES help you out! You won’t be disappointed with our results.

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