The most User friendly Hydrovac available


The most User friendly Hydrovac available

C$280,000 (CAD)



A Canadian built unit, designed for simplicity. No controls in the cab, 2 switches in the wash box, one for hydraulics and one for vac pump. When either one or both are engaged, the truck automatically revs up to 1350 RPM, which is the RPMs required for the engine to regen. The operator never has to regen the system manually. The regen system works very well on these units. if the operator forgets to disengage the switches, the automatic transmission will not engage. The back end also has a very simple electrical system. Simplicity is our goal.

1200 US Gallon debris Cold Steel tank

800 US Gallon water. stainless steel tank

900 CFM Roots blower

6 GPM @ 3400 psi water pump

400,000 BTU burner

Magnum 4/24 filter

5" vac boom , hydraulic in/out, up/down, hydraulic rotation

4 pinwheel closure on debris tank

blower and water pump hydraulic drive

heated enclosure for all drive components

PTO drive, on automatic transmission

RHS drives water pump and hoist, LHS runs blower

Telescopic hoist,

Freightliner truck, 11R 22.5 rubber, 250 Hp Cummins engine

Allison auto, air suspension, not DOT certified, non-code unit.

. Height is 10 feet and width is 8 ft 2 inches and length is 22 ½ feet. Empty weight is 18,304 lbs. Weight with both water and debris tank full of water is 11,300 lbs front axle, rear axle 21,736 lbs. WEIGHT LEGAL.


Serial Number1FVACYFC8JHJP5857
Stock NumberP5857